Projector Calculator and Troubleshooting Guide

Many Windows 10 users have been saying that they are unable to display to a VGA projector in Windows 10. Here are a couple of basic fixes that you could try for this problem.

vga projector windows 10 can't display

A few fresh Windows 10 users have been complaining about the fact that they have various problems with their VGA projector. Here’s what one affected user has been saying:

I have an Acer One S1002 laptop/tablet. I use the Micro HDMI output with a Micro HDMI to VGA adapter. This worked properly when I originally purchased the laptop, but, after upgrade to Windows 10, I have not been able to project to a VGA projector. The laptop recognized that the second display is there, but it does not extend or duplicate the screen.

This works fairly well with my Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter (although, occasionally, the signal will disappear for about 2 seconds before returning. I have also upgraded the Intel graphics drivers for the computer, but no change.

What can I do if the VGA projector won’t work in Windows 10:

  1. Update your drivers
  2. Update the OS
  3. Run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter
  4. Roll back your drivers

1. Update your drivers

So, as we can see, the problem only appeared after the Windows 10 upgrade. It goes without saying that you should update your drivers, and that’s what the user in question did, as well.

But what most users do is update the graphics drivers only. You need to updated the HDMI adapter driver as well, just in case it’s outdated. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Press Windows key + R and type devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter
  • Now click on Ports (COM & LPT) and expand it
  • Right click on the device driver and click on update

Windows can’t automatically find and download new drivers? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.


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2. Update the OS

If updating your computer driver didn’t help, you can also try to install the latest OS updates on your computer.

As you already know, Microsoft regularly rolls out Windows 10 updates to fix the issues reported by users and improve the operating system’s overall performance.

As a matter of fact, the latest patches may target directly VGA projector issues. So, make sure that you’re running the latest updates on your machine.

Navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > check for updates. Restart your computer to apply the updates and check if you can now use your VGA projector.

check for updates

If you can’t open the Setting app on Windows 10, take a look at this article to solve the issue.


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3. Run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Windows 10 features a useful built-in troubleshooter that allows users to fix hardware issues. Running this troubleshooter may help you solve this problem and connect your VGA projector to Windows 10.

  1. Go to Settings > Update & Security > select Troubleshoot.
  2. Under ‘Find and fix other problems’ > select the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter > run it.

If the Troubleshooter stops before completing the process, fix it with the help of this complete guide.

4. Roll back your drivers

There are also cases where you’re no longer able to display Windows 10 on your VGA projector after installing the latest updates on your PC.

In this case, the best solution is to simply roll back your Display Adapter and Monitor drivers. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go to Start > type ‘device manager’ > double-click the first result
  2. Located the Display Adapter and Monitor drivers > right click on them
  3. Go to the Driver tab > select Rollback driver

If the older driver works for you, then you’ll have to prevent Windows from automatically updating it. To do that, follow the simple steps in this guide.

Also, you could try some of the fixes from our previous article on the issue where Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the external monitor.

If for whatever reason VGA isn’t working after your update to Windows 10, here are some potential fixes to the issue.

These are the fixes that we can suggest at the moment. If you happen to know another solution, then do use the comments section from below and help the community.